Local Lawyers,
Global Counsel

Today’s global village calls for a dynamic breed of lawyers—lawyers who are familiar with local business etiquettes yet visionary with cosmopolitan perspectives. At JLC Advisors, our lawyers and affiliates in Singapore, Tokyo and across the region are highly ranked in their respective fields. We deliver a plethora of legal services ranging from dispute resolution to commercial and corporate law, serving a wide spectrum of clients from all over the world. At JLC Advisors, we are proud to communicate locally and practice globally.

As our client, you will:

  • Expect creative, out-of-the-box solutions
  • Obtain personalised and practical legal advice
  • Leverage on our law firm’s extensive experience
  • Rely on our uncompromising commitment and loyalty to you

We believe in building a strong and long-lasting relationship with you.

  • Boutique international arbitration firm JLC Advisors LLP provides ‘superb and well-thought-out legal advice’ in the commercial arbitration sphere.

  • “Superb and well-thought-out legal advice”
    — The Legal 500 Asia Pacific

  • “Impressive attention to detail and strategy”
    — The Global Arbitration Review

  • “Always two steps ahead of the other side”
    — Global Chambers and Partners

  • “Innovative ways of presenting complex ideas to a multilingual and multi-jurisdictional tribunal.”
    — The Global Arbitration Review

  • “Tremendous expertise in pursuing arbitrations in Asia”
    — Global Chambers and Partners

  • “……every client’s dream because he takes care of his clients.......can inspire a great sense of confidence…...”
    — The Business Times 2013

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