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Kazutaka Mori


Mr. Kazutaka Mori was registered as a Japanese lawyer in 2010 and worked at a Japanese law firm whose main business is M & A and overseas advancement support. After that, Mr. Mori worked at the Singapore office of Global Law Farm (Eversheds) from 2017 to 2018.

Mr. Mori is engaged in Asian legal affairs, mainly in Singapore, and provides legal services to support cross-border transactions, advance to Asia and business development.

Recently, advisory work related to advanced business such as FinTech is rapidly increasing. In particular, Mr. Mori provides services such as support for the establishment of a crypto currency exchanges in ASEAN countries, building business model based on regulations of each country, review of white paper, and preparation of legal opinion on ICO or STO.

弁護士登録後、M&Aやビジネス法務を主要業務とする大阪の法律事務所(弁護士法人Mercury General)等にて合計約6年間勤務後、英国を本拠地とする大手グローバルローファーム(Evercheds)のシンガポールオフィスにジャパンデスク責任者として常駐。



Areas of Practice


Bachelor of Law, Kobe City University

Juris Doctor, Osaka City University


Japan Federal Bar Association and Osaka Bar Association

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